Hopi Dawa (Dawn)

The woven frame is made using quality yarn of many colors used to weave intricate patterns around a wooden spoke frame. Beautiful colored yarns of blue, red, gold, and white are chosen to represent the different colors of corn grown on the Hopi reservation. Hues of blues and grays represent the sky and the colors of the sunrise and sunset also appear in each piece. The hand painted Hopi Dawa's face is the circular center figure on the frame and represents Mother Earth. The white dots are rain and the four stripes on the face represent the four directions. The peaks are mountains. Some of the woven patterns have the feather design while others have the traditional Hopi belt design. Other shapes and designs in the woven piece are also symbolic representations. Each Hopi Dawa is signed on back by Hopi artist Sandra Hamana.
Hopi Dawa (Dawn)
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